A dynamic relief in a private territory

The biggest part of the yard has a slope to south. This would be a great feature for a recreation zone, unfortunately, territory adjoins the street. Therefore, house is designed so that huge window of a living room and terrace would face west side. However, there was nothing more but... other houses. 

In order to enjoy privacy and comfort, owners had built a wall with a grill integrated into it and a nice tall horn Carpinus betulus fence that surrounds this recreation zone with an "L" letter shape. 

This green lane has become a really important part of this particular landscape. In evening light it turns windows into vivid pictures. While looking through it, instead of solid surfaces like constructions or neighbors houses, you can see dynamic flora that changes with a time of the day/month/year/natural or artificial light. 

Here, height difference of the relief is smartly used for a small waterfall and a oblong water canal. Hidden between various herbaceous plants they create a feeling of being close to water spring in the woods. Best view of this landscape opens from a modern bridge that has a nice contrast with other surfaces and the terrace. 

Also, there is a women's sculpture made of stone that looks remarkably between all the colors of the plants and light. This sculpture makes the garden special, just like roasted capers give amazing taste for usual salad. Little details hide big things. 

And on the south, a wavy green fence is formed. At the entrance to the territory, green fence switches to small walls decorated with wood and rusting metal. With nice plants and light around, these gates greet everyone who comes in.

Because of many slopes and clayey soil, it becomes difficult to absorb water in rainy weather and it is really important to protect land from erosion. 

For this reason, water conductive paths have to be made. However, in this situation the most important thing is to set up proper plants covering, what is quite difficult to do on steep slopes. Contemporary substances and technologies help a lot here. Besides that, plants demand for maintenance is a top priority. 

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