A natural pool in multifunctional yard

Imagine, that after living years and years in noisy city you are moving into your personal dream house with dream yard next to it. How would it look like? Vaidotas and Kristina eventually have their own land for the first time in their lives with a luxury to do whatever they want with it. Their yard contains nor too less, nor to much: pool, fruit and vegetable gardens, round greenhouse, huge terrace, place to relax in lee and a bench to admire orange sunsets. And all these elements are surrouded with pines and decorative herbs. 

Due to being quite elongated, with the help of hedges area was divided into two parts. There is a tree alley heading to fruit and vegetable gardens and greenhouse in one part, and relaxation zone with playground and swimming pool in another. 

Alley of trees with gates between is like an entrance to the garden. The living-room, pool and alley with an accent in the back (a sculpture, birdbath, sun clock etc) are in the same axis. Therefore those who rest in a living-room or terrace can enjoy a beautiful view with nice perpective. 

Their future swimming pool is unusual in Lithuania. It is natural and has two main and very solid advantages comparing to the regular one: the maintenance is much easier, as water plants surrounding the pool are supposed to clean water and no harmful chemicals are needed. In addition to being aesthetically much more attractive, of course. 

Conceptual plan of the area: here






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