About us

In successfully reclaim sustainability principles countries to landscape areas just because to make them more beautiful  it is becoming history. Plants ant all landscape shaping elements play not only decorative function.  They are important to keep clean, safe and healthy environment, which, in addition, requires minimum of financial, human and natural resources for maintenance.

Decorative doesn‘t leave in the end  of priorities. Conversaly, spaces becoming  full of life, characterized by diversity of colours and shapes. Because of the main characteristic of sustainable green areas - dynamism - the environment becomes exciting, mysterious, fascinating.

In order to create such type of landscapes, 4 years ago we established "Prerijų sodai“. Today, we are working by combining practical and scientific activities related to the wide use of herbaceous plants, sowing meadows and flower beds, sustainable drainage systems, naturalistic pools, etc. We design both the private and the public green areas, which varying by complexity and scale. We are based on all Lithuania cities.


Director - Victoras Večerskis

Landscape architect - Sandra Kanapeckaite read biography

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