Šlaitų sutvirtinimo būdai.

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Šį sezoną išbandėme tris naujas šlaitų tvirtinimo technikas. Įvairaus statumo šlaitus tvirtinome skirtingais būdais, priklausomai nuo pasirinkto želdinių tipo.

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Low plant species diversity in green areas of Palanga

20130529-img 0002-6During five years I have been living in the city of Palanga I couldn’t not notice, how poor is the variety of plants in its green spaces. When I have an opportunity, I try to expand it while creating gardens with new species that do not include those, which are being used by emplyees who take of city gardens. Why are they planting the same species over and over? Definitely not because other plants do not fit, they do. It is all about the lack of knowledge and willingness to know more.

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Įkvepiantys kraštovaizdžiai.

20130725- mg 9084

Kamanų aukštaplynė su skurdžiomis, retomis paprastosiomis pušimis, kiminais, baltąja saidra, šiliniais viržiais.

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Invisible Moses bridge

mozes tiltas pirmas

It is better to see one time than to hear 100 times, people say. With this attitude I decided to travel a bit. This time to the Netherlands with an aim to see a great variety of interesting landscape architecture objects, get acquainted with local traditions of landscape formation and attend related exhibitions and other events as well.

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Wooden/metal constructions in a small yard

20130527-maz arch8
The yard is relatively spacious, though. Owners willingness to place as many cars as possible is what reduced the size of the yard. Or to be more exact, not the willingness, but adjustment to circumstances. Although the issue of vehicle parking situation in Palanga city during summertime is really worth of discussions and attention, let’s talk about other things.

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What is the conceptual plan of landscape design?


It is the main document, which is fundamental for preparation to make changes in the environment. Conceptual plan shows the vision and the main idea how the area should look like. It is the main document, which is fundamental for preparation to make changes in the environment.

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