That do kings need


While being in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, there was a morning - I was really into new experiences, finding something inspiring. It started in the terrace of the museum restaurant and what inspired me a lot, were beautiful bouquets of natural flowers that had a look like being “borrowed” from forest. Those “forest looking” bouquets  got into my fantasy and created a vision of a perfect inner yard.

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Flower bed inspired by naturalistic planting guru Piet Oudolf


When I have been in Wisley garden in England I was without photo camera by mistake. It was so a pity, because I can't live without making photos everywhere, especially in such a beautiful garden. When I had come in the part of the garden where are the flower beds designed by Piet Oudolf, I started doing sketches and writing comments. 

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Autumn in Rundale castle garden

blogui rundale pilis sodas parkas latvija

Staiga pabiręs sniegas maniau nusineš visą rudeninio sodo žavesį. Bet kaip aš apsirikau. Jis tik uždengė ryškiai raudoną parterio skaldą, žalią veją ir tai išryškino sodo struktūrą o rudeninės splavos tapo tokios ryškios.

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Mix of popular/ unpopular

medziokle 2012 10-26

I will visit one family in Klaipėda region with a great impatient next year. I designed an unusual combination: on of the most boring perennials Hosta and Rodgersia planted together with very long-lived, strong and beautiful Euphorbia 'Fireglow' characterized by orange-red blooms.

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Open day of the first passive house in Klaipėda


Public institution 'Ecovizija', a developer of the first passive house in Klaipėda, says kindergardens, hospitals, schools and other public buildings are the bigest users of energy. So why these buildings are not building or reconstructing in the way like this low energy private house?

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The first qualitatively installed children's playground near the hotel 'Pušynas' in Palanga, includes the narrow range of values

vaiku parkas palanga pirmas

For a long time children's playground design has been influenced by a single aspect related to child safety. As a result, equipment became all the same, without any connection to the local environment, undistinguished originality, individuality. The newly designed children's playground near the hotel 'Pušynas' in Palanga, unfortunately, can be attributed to such situation.

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