Cemetry like a park

The idea a cemetery can be also a park came after one Lithuanian woman, living in Brussels, said she would like visiting cemetries in Lithuania would be like visiting a beautiful park.

If it is a traditional way of body disposal, to make a cemetry a park would be complicated, but quite another thing is when remains stored in urns, which occupy a relatively small space.

I have started serch for such memorial parks and found a few examples. One of them is Horni cemetry-park in Switzerland, Ryhen city.

Hornli cemetery-park covers nearly 62,000 sq ft and is more like a park in the forest rather than a cemetery. The powerful main axis runs through the forest, opens up wonderful perspective, and having reached a steep slope, were spectacular view comes in front of honeycomb structure urns building.

Condensed calm before the suddenly appearing accent. This emocional sequence has been carefully planted by developers.

Finally, you go down the slope and join the bridge, one can fall into the gently rippled natural grassland, which is accompanied by a rumbling wall of stones. It creates a metaphor how powerful is the death and how small is the man.

kapines parkai kapiniu tvarkymas landsaftas krastovaizdis architektura urna

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