Feel nature while you are in the city

Disused rail line in New York city conversion to the 1.6 km long park has become a symbol of phenomenon 'a poor part of the city transformation to prestigious'. A lot of residents, visitors and tourists are flowing here all year round. Since the establishment of the first park part (2009), there have been reconstructed about 30 buildings around. The 3rd rail line reconstruction phase was presented last week.

A lot of people think the success of this park is talented planting designer Piet Oudolf work. One of the park's designers James Corner says the replication of this success story is not easy, because there are a large role of the cold urban environment of New York.

So, it could be summariced that the reason of success became the contrast between extremely strong, so astronomically wonderful, naturalistic planting and the urban environment. 

I wish for sure to visit this place.

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