Flower bed inspired by naturalistic planting guru Piet Oudolf

When I have been in Wisley garden in England I was without photo camera by mistake. It was so a pity, because I can't live without making photos everywhere, especially in such a beautiful garden. When I had come in the part of the garden where are the flower beds designed by Piet Oudolf, I started doing sketches and writing comments.

I have scaned these sketches everytime and have remember beautiful views. One of these views became reality in this year. I hade made a note of Helenium 'Ruberzwerg' group with some Zunda yuccifolium in the back of Deschampsia group.

Because of early flowers, longevity and decorativity all year round I added Amsonia in this composition. Also I designed Echinacea and Achillea, because they also look fantastic between Deschampsia. We planted it this year, so we will fix amazing views in the next one.

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