Invisible Moses bridge

It is better to see one time than to hear 100 times, people say. With this attitude I decided to travel a bit. This time to the Netherlands with an aim to see a great variety of interesting landscape architecture objects, get acquainted with local traditions of landscape formation and attend related exhibitions and other events as well.

The first object I visited was the “Bridge of Moses” built on the defensive water line of the 17th century.  It fell into disrepair in the 19th century and was finally restored in 2011. Also, the decision how to reach the  moat of one of the fortresses, Fort de Roovere, was needed. This fort now has a new, recreational function and lies on several routes for cycling and hiking.

Of course, it is highly improper to build bridges across the moats of defence works, especially on the side of the fortress the enemy was expected to appear on. That’s why RO&AD Architects designed a bridge which is invisible from a great distance because it is in the same level with water and rampart. But after you come closer, a narrow wooden path crossing the water appears and then you can go to another side. Just like in the story of Moses, who managed to separate the Red Sea into two halves and cross it.

I did not run from the Egyptians and I am definitely not Moses, but the water separated for me also. And for everyone, who comes to this unique bridge.



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