Surroundings of holiday home “Palangos žuvėdra“

Holiday home “Palangos žuvėdra“ is near the sea, just behind the dunes, surrounded by accrete pine trees. "Prerijų sodai“ designed and installed a flower gardens and flower meadows, that has identity with the natural environment and colour consistency with the hotel's visual elements. 

Hotel‘s flag, signs, and other distinguishing elements are orange, blue and white colours. This decided the colour palette of choosing perennials species for meadows and flower beds. Blue-flowering Salvia, Nepeta, several varieties of Achillea and Primula flowering in various shades of orange, which combines not only colorfully. All selected plants adapted to grow in local ecological conditions, that guarantees plants longevity, moreover economic, ecological and aesthetic benefits. Last but not the least considering question was plants flowering time, because of the peak season time in July-August. 

Soil in the hotels territory characterized by sand-loam. Therefore, instead of the usual lawn, requiring moist and fertile soil, has been designed and installed the meadow, including dune plants – Gypsophila, Lathyrus, Festuca, Poaceae. Hedge designed with hybrid Rosa rugosa. This ensures green areas longevity, low maintenance and provides hotel‘s surroundings identity with natural landscapes around.

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