Sustainable landscape solutions for private house in Vilnius

Rainwater is collected in the tank under the southern terrace. When the tank is overfilled, water flows in the rain garden at the end of the yard. The road water has to overcome is a narrow terraced concrete channel, covered with river stones and plants 'islands'.

Comfortable raised beds for vegetables and herbs divided garden into different zones and give a structure for the yard. There are 7 m² of land for vegetables. If owners desire more, than beds could be increased to the desired width. In some places, instead of beds equipped benches - boxes. This is not only a perfect place to relax under the shadow of trees, surrounded by aromatic plants, but also convenient to use it like boxes to put garden tools inside.

Plants could be divided into several types: plants love dry and weel-lighting, plants love dry and semi-lighting, plants love wet and shady, plants love wet and well-lighting places.

Such a high diversity of ecological and biological conditions give favorite places for many different species of plants. This insure that garden become favorable for a number of useful birds, butterflies, insects which are beneficial for heavy and healthy harvest and also for superior environment suchlike the natural landscapes.

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