That do kings need

While being in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, there was a morning - I was really into new experiences, finding something inspiring. It started in the terrace of the museum restaurant and what inspired me a lot, were beautiful bouquets of natural flowers that had a look like being “borrowed” from forest. Those “forest looking” bouquets  got into my fantasy and created a vision of a perfect inner yard.

“A few splendid maples standing in this yard are like giants that stun every visitor with their embossed stems and branches and there shouldn’t be a thing that would distract the attention from them. Maples are the kings of this space and they are enough”,- said one local man, working in the fields of architecture and design.

However, a poor lawn under those kings is not suitable. This place needs thick herbal carpet, that has strong texture and neither classic lawn mixtures like Vinca or Pahysandra, nor Ivy will not suit. Here, perennials that love shadows and are rich with leaves combined with maples would create a perfect atmosphere with the feeling of forest. Wouldn’t that kind of place be excellent to be enjoy salad or coffee?

“In such artistic city as Dordrecht, a yard with this aura and impression would be a great success.” This is what I replied to my friend after waking up from a flow of ideas. He was left slightly intrigued by this thought and encouraged me to put my ideas and vision to sketches. Later visualizations born from sketches. They were prepared by Mantas Nainys.

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