The first qualitatively installed children's playground near the hotel 'Pušynas' in Palanga, includes the narrow range of values

For a long time children's playground design has been influenced by a single aspect related to child safety. As a result, equipment became all the same, without any connection to the local environment, undistinguished originality, individuality. The newly designed children's playground near the hotel 'Pušynas' in Palanga, unfortunately, can be attributed to such situation.

While the most important value of the playground facilities is chaild's safety, there have been recognized for a decade, that children's playground has lead to a wider range of experience that contribute to children's learning and development. Often, the design is unique and encourage creative play. What's more, children are included in the design  development process, trying to find out how they want to play and how the park should look like.

There are very characteristic landscapes side by side the newly equipped children's playground in Palanga. There can be found hilly relief rugged by the stream with small coves, cliffs and clearings. This is amazing place, but overgrown, so nobody noticed and visited this part of forest.

In my opinion there is a fantastic place for wonderful children's playground with a connection to the natural systems and live organisms changing of the season. This contact can enhance physical and cognitive development of children, to realise the imagination, spontaneous play and exploration.

I wish the next playground in Palanga would not be creating in the same way as the first one.

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