What is the conceptual plan of landscape design?

It is the main document, which is fundamental for preparation to make changes in the environment. Conceptual plan shows the vision and the main idea how the area should look like. It is the whole set of decisions including all elements of landscape design: relief, afforests, hard coating, the small architecture, lighting, drainage, water pools, gardens, children playgrounds etc.

Decisions are made while combining sustainable landscape design principles, area condition together with the needs and desires of the client. However, conceptual plan does not include specific species, specifications, characteristics, quantities and other particulary detailed information.

I would like to give a site of a young family as an example to better perceive the idea of conceptual plan.

The main task I was given was to create a cosy yard hidden from strangers with garden of fruit-trees and vegetables as well as entertainment zones for children, recreation and games in the pool.

Three conceptions were presented. In the first example, (pic. 1) the area was divided into three zones with the help of an hedge. Pool zone is the closest to terrace which is enclosed from playground with very high hedge that gives a shelter from wind and neighbours. Alley of trees with gates between is like an entrance to the garden. The living-room, pool and alley with an accent in the back (a sculpture, birdbath, sun clock etc) are in the same axis. Therefore those who rest in a living-room or terrace can enjoy a beautiful view with nice perpective.

In the second conception (pic. 2), pool is designed on the left side of the area and is surrounded with mono-cultural plots of perennial herbaceous plants resembling swimming in the lake impression. High herbs also perform as green screen and separate different zones. Hences of unequal heights in the back of the area isolate vegetable and fruit garden from recreational space and also create interesting perspective of horizontal lines of the hedges.

On the third case (pic. 3) the pool is round. It is bounded with wooden terrace and planted luxuriantly with herbaceous plants, trees and bushes. Thus tropical atmosphere is created which additionally helps to relax in the pool. Winding river of grass dissapears in the back of the garden between plants.

Drawing of a 1st conception

Drawing of a 2nd conception

Drawing of a 3rd conception

After discussing a client, conceptual plan is adjusted and evetually the final (or antoher) version is presented. Based on conseptual plan follow futher detailed plans of relief, afforests, hard coating, small architecture, lightning, design and others.

In this case the first conception was chosen out of three. Also, instead of regular swimming pool we decided to make a natural one: with water gardens aside and plants which clean the water. Thus the maintenance of the pools becomes much easier and no chemicals are needed. Two designs (4th and 5th examples) were prepared for this natural pool:

4th example

5th example

Final desicions and the scetch of area landscape: here

Send us the pictures of your area together with main requirements and we will tell the preliminary price of conceptual plan specially for your landscape. We will define the exact price after meeting in the site.


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