Wooden/metal constructions in a small yard

So, the area has a limited space for leisure activities, however, the need of it is obvious - the guests want to have rest in the yard. We had to figure out, how to to fit everything: recreation zone with stationary grill, children playground, two private small yards of the guests and outdoor restaurant. The challenge did not end here, there were some ripe plants that we needed to adjust to.

I have to admit, I tried my best to plan and design everything, so the result would be the best - a cosy, stylish and comfortable area with all the mentioned features. However, unfortunately.

When dissatisfied I went for a walk  the magic happened. I noticed before unnoticed nice and original installation to exercise in neighbours yard which he had designed and made himself. Later, my eyes caught a picture of modern metal constuction on the internet. This inspired me to use wooded constructions for equipment in children playground and to built a net for climbing plants to expand.

In this way, “green screens” were formed and area was divided into pieces in stylish and frugal (considering space) way.

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